Who is HotChocolate?

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The lyrics to this song speak of how I feel about MYSELF at age 43:
“Can’t believe with time, girl you’re getting better
Looking like a picture of before and after
Your story gets more pretty every chapter
Gettin’ more attractive, age ain’t a factor!” ~Jaheim
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  • * UNO Expert
  • * Vegetarian
  • * Overcomer
  • * Licensed Insurance Agent
  • * Dancer Wannabe
  • * Reader of Print
  • * Weight Loss Champion
  • * Marathoner-In-Training
  • * Awesome Cook & Party Host
  • * Daughter
  • * God-Mother
  • * Friend
  • * Servant
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Why do I call myself HotChocolate?????????????????
Somebody needs to hear this today.
The girl that everybody said was “too dark”, “too black” all of my adolescent life was given the name “HotChocolate” by the 1st man who looooved me for real, my great-grand daddy. Notice I said my great-grand daddy whom I called “Daddy”—-NOT my grand daddy (because my grand daddy did not think I was “good enough” to be his granddaughter—so he did not like me). But thankfully my great-grand daddy loved me enough to affirm my beauty at the age of 3 yrs old and called me “his Chocolate gal” and “HotChocolate” to show me that I was beautiful. Because u must realize that my depression began at age 3 b/c that’s when the “skin color” ridicule began for me.
I cried or was sad almost every day of my childhood years because of the constant ridicule from family and the community about my dark skin. Daddy passed away when I was 14 but thankfully I was left with a mother and great-grandmother who BOTH loved me beyond measure.
But…the real love of my life showed up at age 19 when God’s voice changed my life. In one single moment God ERASED alllll of my self-esteem issues. God spoke to me while sitting on a couch at age 19 and let me know that I was beautiful and that EVERYTHING He made was beautiful. He told me that I was fearfully and wonderfully made. He told me to find a way to use my transformation to bless others. He told me to ALWAYS celebrate my skin color and to celebrate others. He instructed me to use the name “HotChocolate” as a way of glorifying Him when the day to stand before audiences would present itself.
I also remember one of my former pastors openly declaring that I did NOT have the ability to speak and that I would never be given the opp for radio or tv…because “he” said that I did not have the voice. WoooooW. Needless to say I am no longer a member of THAT church (lol) and…everything he said about my voice was TOTALLY untrue. And once again, God stepped in and told me that I WAS CALLED to radio and tv and that’s how I would fulfill purpose. He said that both were a part of my future. Again, God’s voice—WON!
I have spent the past 25 years (since age 19) loving myself and others on greater levels every year. I looooooooove HotChocolate and have NO DOUBT about what I’m called to do in this world. My confidence came from heaven and it’s solid…as a rock . I have also learned to move PASSED the naysayers!
I shared this today to help u move forward in your Purpose, to help u understand why I am called HotChocolate—and WHY I looooove God and loooove ME as much as I do. I also have a REAL/Genuine love for people and a passion to help others BELIEVE IN THEIR GREATNESS…because that’s what God taught me how to do.
HotChocolate is my story. God gets my glory.
That’s why I say “Forget what ‘they’ say. Focus on what HE says.” God is Faithful. I pray that my story blesses somebody today.
~HotChocolate All Over The World
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20 thoughts on “Who is HotChocolate?

  1. hi HotChocolate…this is Beverly Bond hope iam doing this right to join the 44th birthday celebration..we would LOVE to join you on your celebration…

  2. Hi Hot Chocolate, this is Sandra Wardlow, aka Sweet San, I love your radio show, your voice is so angelic and uplifting. I can be feeling down until i turn on the radio and hear your voice, you are so inspiring and you know the right songs to play at the right time. just want you to know I love you and keep being a servant.

  3. I luv ur show hot chocolate u have me laughin & thinkin @ the same time even though u be speakin the truth @ the same time, Me @ u always speak n the truth @ i always keep it 100 my sista gurl its like we have met or i’ve known u from another world, Keep up the gud wrk, I’ve got mad luv 4 u my sista mention me on ur show & say a prayer 4 me plz Randy L Fryerson ”

  4. Hot chocolate you are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for your spirit and words of empowerment and love for us all around the world. Anna Lattimore

  5. I listen to you on the radio daily and I just want to let you know that you are such an inspiration to women ( single and married ). Keep up the good work!!!

  6. I met you this weekend in Charlotte and you just SHINE! You light up the room and are just too fabulous for words! I love you to pieces and am honored to have met you!!!

  7. It’s a new day, the devil thought I had – a reason to be mad. I think I am going to praise him and be gladdddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!

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